Know the Hazards, Assess the Risk!

Lab Gas Safety provides clear, independent and cost effective online eLearning Courses geared towards making working with and around potentially dangerous substances safer for everyone.

We have been working closely with David Bayliss who has been a respected on-site training provider for over 25 years.

BOC recognised David's abilities, selecting him to run safety seminars UK-wide. Gas Safe went a step further, asking David to write new training courses. David became the 'go-to guy' for gas safety worldwide - from Ireland to India - people work more safely because of David's training.

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The Home of Lab Gas Safety

We provide Inclusive and Innovative eLearning to educate delegates on how to handle potentially high risk activities. From Experienced Lab Staff to brand new apprentices, our courses have been proven to help make the risk acceptable.

Aspire to '0' Incidents!

Specialising in Gas Cylinder Safety and Cryogenic Safety our courses are clear, independent and cost effective.

eLearning allows delegates to make their way through our courses at their own pace, re-visit sections they want to go over and then have two opportunities to pass the final test!

See our promotional video for an insight into our on-site training courses.